I grew up on a farm in rural Oregon where my family raised cattle & chickens. We grew a large garden each year & had a small orchard's worth of apple trees along with a pear and a hazelnut tree thrown in for good measure. We loved the blackberry bushes that grew rampant around our property line for all the jam, pies and milkshakes they provided.

I remember as a little girl milking our cows and then making fresh butter by shaking the cream in gallon-sized mustard jars (major arm workout!). My mom commented recently that she used to make homemade bread so often that she didn't need to use a recipe. We reminisced a little about how we used to eat toast from our homemade bread, spread with our homemade butter and homemade jam. And while I am very glad these things are now to be had in a much more convenient way, those memories are some of my most cherished. I am so glad I had a farmgirl upbringing.

We were a pretty poor family, but we were surely rich when it came to what was on our table everyday.

In my own family's life we have had our share of tough times as well as prosperous ones. Even though I am no longer on the farm and times aren't as tough as they used to be, I have never let go of the philosophy that good food can make a poor person feel rich.

So I set up this blog as a place that I can share some of my favorite recipes and food-related inspirations. I love fresh, natural, seasonal food and the pleasure of cooking it. Welcome and enjoy a lovin' forkful!

                        Me, 5 years old, enjoying a morning bowl of oatmeal
                                          with my pet chicken, Molly.